Friday, 12 April 2013

Postage Stamp Birthday Cake

My dad turns 70 next week, and I'd been thinking for a while about what sort of birthday cake I could make him. Two of his interests are stamp-collecting and chess. I considered making a chess board cake - complete with 3D pieces - but quickly decided that not only would it be insanely tricky and time-consuming to do, but the chances of it remaining intact after a 3.5 hour car journey would be pretty slim. So I settled for a postage stamp cake.

I had planned to make a square cake, and then a postage stamp from fondant icing, featuring my dad's profile. Unfortunately, just as I was about to put the square cake in the oven, I realised that I had misjudged the size of the tin, and didn't have enough batter for it. So I hastily scooped it into a round tin which was the right size.

Shape issues aside, I'm pretty pleased with the way the cake turned out. Hopefully my dad will like it too!

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