Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dinosaur Cookies

I've discovered lately that four year-old boys love all things dinosaur. Well, mine does at least - and I suspect he's not alone. And so it was that we found ourselves at the Natural History Museum a couple of days ago, for the second time in less than a week.

During the first visit, I had somehow managed to usher both children past the museum shop quickly, thus avoiding being pressured into buying whatever dinosaur-related item they clapped eyes on first. This time, I failed - but just as Max rushed up to me clutching a dinosaur lunch box, I spotted a set of cookie cutters and my own eyes lit up. When I asked him whether he'd like to make some dinosaur biscuits, the previously coveted lunch box was back on the shelf before you could say 'Brontosaurus', and he was squealing with excitement and running to the till to pay for the cutters. Now that's what I call a result.

The following morning we put our aprons on and got creating, using the basic biscuit recipe I used for last year's Valentine's cookies, and coloured fondant icing to decorate. Naturally, Maya's dinosaurs just had to be pink. And why not? For all we know, pink dinosaurs did indeed roam the earth!


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  2. I had began to think you'd given up on your blog!

    1. I know, I know... there was lots going on last year and I just didn't have time for baking or blogging very often. Hopefully normal service has resumed now!

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